About Us


Nearly a quarter century has passed since Internet was first introduced to Iran and now our everyday life is immensely affected with. A technology which was used only by some universities at its dawn, has now become a widespread necessity. Easy Computer Services Co. was founded almost the same time as Internet started to expand in Iran and became known as one of the main founders of network by establishing an exclusive distribution agreement with D-Link - an internationally recognized company. Focusing on providing easy public access to technology, is what differentiated Easy during these years. Easy turned 25 at D-Link’s 30th birthday. The company is most proud of being as old as Internet in Iran, having a quarter century of experience and keeping pace with evolving technologies which resulted in Easy becoming a pioneer in the area of network.

From Home and Home Offices to Enterprises

Offering a wide range of products from home to business solutions and focusing on Middle East, made D-Link dominating the Middle East Market.

Enjoying this wide range of products, Easy offers the best solutions for various layers of networks. In 2014 the company expanded its scope of activity by making an exclusive distribution agreement with “Lande” and by which it is now offering rack cabinets in addition to smart home products, active and passive network equipment.

Lande is moving towards to be one of the First Ten Companies across the Globe

Lande has been established in 2012. Despite being a young company, it has reached its goal to be one of the first five in the market of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and now it is moving towards to be one the first ten across the globe.

D-Link: Get Your Home Talking

Passing through Information Age and standing on the verge of getting smart, every aspect of our everyday life needs to be connected and smart. Control your lights via smartphone! Be alerted when door or window is opened, water leaks or smoke detector senses smoke. All of these are recorded by home surveillance cameras and you can watch them on your smartphone. This is not future! This is D-Link comprehensive, smart and cost effective solution, available to all. 

 Easy the exclusive distributor of D-Link and Lande in Iran with a professional group of technical personnel staff, offers the best in designing, consulting, supervising, distributing and implementing computer networks. Enjoying 25 years of knowledge, experience and strong presence in Information Technology Market, Easy is one of the top D-Link distributors in the Middle East and a prominent name in communication industry.